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Shearing Knife

The origin of our company was the production of shearing knives. A high efficiency of our products in the shearing sector was and is our claim.

For more than 35 years we have been manufacturing shearing blades of the highest quality, regardless of the type of shear.

The high quality of the shearing blades is confirmed by our worldwide customers.

Tools for Drop Forge

In this area we manufacture drawing-based tools - from ejectors, printing plates, protective plates, die shells and inserts to complex forging tools.

Here we are active throughout Europe.

Punching and calibration tools are also part of our production range.

Hardness Service

Through our long-standing and reliable partner company, we can offer the following range of hardening services:

- Hardening (vacuum hardening, case hardening, protective gas hardening, salt bath hardening, quenching and tempering, carbonitriding, inductive hardening)

- Nitriding (gas nitriding, plasma nitriding, tenifernitriding/nitrocarburizing, sursulnitriding, tenifer Q/P/Q process, gas nitrocarburizing)

- Annealing (stress relief annealing, normalizing, soft annealing, recrystallization annealing/diffusion annealing)

Further services, such as oxidizing/burnishing, phosphating, aging / deep-freezing, straightening, blasting, hardness testing, material analysis, microstructure analysis, crack testing and pollutant analysis in the laboratory are also available.

Gears / Drive Elements

Also on this sector we have mainly focused on

- Toothed and sprocket wheels,

- Planet- / sun wheels,

- ring gears and

- coupling elements


We manufacture these parts ready for installation according to customer drawings (on request also including the corresponding heat treatments).

Machine Components

Here, too, we manufacture according to customer drawings, e.g.

- Perforated discs

- tramway axles

- steering knuckle

- hollow shafts

- impression cylinder

- straightening rolls

- Top/bottom rollers made of construction and stainless steel

- Cold and hot work steel

and much more made of rust and acid resistant materials.